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After a series of excellent panels at NYWF in 2014 got us excited about the possibilities, in 2015 Steph Harmon and I created, programmed and produced this series of panel events at Giant Dwarf Theatre for young writers, thinkers and creators, to encourage discussion of political and social issues in a flexible format. 

We held three sold-out panels: Dangerous Laughs, a discussion of political satire, comedy, free speech, hate speech hosted by Steph; Changing the Channel, about the digital, cultural and political revolution occurring in TV in Australia hosted by Matt Roden; and Marriage: For Better or Worse? which examined all things marriage, from same-sex marriage laws to arranged weddings, feminist intersections, religious customs and secular traditions, hosted by me. 

All three were super engaging - a mixture of entertaining, challenging and down-right smart, with panellists like Clementine Ford, Claudia Karvan, Nakkiah Lui, Tom Tilley, Aamer Rahman and many more.

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